Thursday, August 24, 2006

All Grown Up

It seems like just three minutes ago
I was watching these kids play soccer in grade school.
Now I'm looking at them all grown up.
Lindsay's shower at the Little Hills Winery.
Mike and Becky's wedding
(showing off their cute little ring bearer)
Steve and Emily's engagement photo shoot.

I'm feeling old.
Happy, but old.

Best wishes to all you rugrats!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some of the men "folk"

What's that old saying about the nut not falling far from the tree?
Or was it something about "from the mighty oak......"?
Nah, I think we'll stick with the first one.
Sorry Tommy and Zach.
Love you guys!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Still coming....

Deb's family, Jess and John.
She is my cousin and good friend.
She kept us grounded growing up and
is still the one with the level head,
always there,
always ready to help when needed.
Jess and John are lucky to have her.
I think they know it.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Murphys

On video one we have the lovely Jordon.
Can't wait to see her video she made.
Will it be at Blockbuster sometime this summer?
Next we have the tailgaters.......
Maggie, Danny, Connie, Rhonda and Steve.
They look like they are up to no good here.
I'd say otherwise, but I've known them far too long!
Look at Luke.
He's one of the most genuinely nice
18 year old boys that you could know.
Edit: Sorry Jordon!
I shouldn't do this so late at night......

Running a marathon

Young kids definetly need young grandmas.
Even then that grandma should be in marathon training to keep up.
............."I'll be right there".................
Maybe I should tell her to slow down.
There's plenty of time later to run and run and run.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


No photo to share tonight.
I was actually participating in the memory.
Today was our 32nd wedding anniversary
and we spent it at home
with all the kids.
We had the most wonderful time
and I didn't want to miss even a
second of it getting my camera.
you just have to
LIVE the moment
and keep the memory
tucked away in your heart.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Here comes the bride

If you've wondered about my absence, now you know why. We are planning a wedding for this girl, my youngest daughter, to take place in six weeks. I'm so happy and excited for her, but at the same time..............SIX WEEKS isn't much time to plan a wedding and for those of you who don't know this kid she is v e r y particular. Knows what she wants. So we've had some challenges to overcome, but things are falling into place nicely.
Wedding gown bought.
Minister and wedding spot (outdoors) reserved.
Large party tent with dance floor reserved.
INDOOR AIR CONDITIONED sit down dinner reserved.
Photographer (no question, my pick) reserved.
Working on the invitations right now.
I'm thinking that this is turning out to be a good thing. How can people go through all of this planning and decision making for a year or more?
No wonder there is material for the show "Bridezilla".
Back to the invites...........