Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Weekend

What a fun filled weekend I had!
Friday night started with a beautiful wedding of a little girl I've known since she was 6 years old.
Look how pretty she grew up! She made a beautiful bride and her husband, Kris, is a great guy.Now what could these pretty people be so happy and smug about?Is that a BABY BUMP????? You have to have a very keen eye to spot little Jack, but it's there.Saturday was spent in the country and I forgot my camera. You'll just have to take my word for it that we had a wonderful time at Stoney Creek Ranch. Peyton & Chloe want to move there.

On to Sunday.......we had a bunch of little kiddies over to help Chloe end the celebration of her month-long 8th birthday.
I taught them how to do the Monster Mash. Remember that one?

I know there was something else.......
What was it?
Hmmmm, let me think.........
My little girl came by and we had to take a picture of her.......

On that happy note, I start my week.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where are the magic bricks?

My dad always said he was going to put bricks on the kid's heads to keep them from growing.

Since I've become a grandma, I wish I had those magic bricks myself.

Just look at my little Presley. She's 3 months old now and my oh my how she's growing!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Want This!

I love books.
My idea of a good time is to spend hours at Barnes & Noble.
However, while shopping at Amazon tonight I stumbled across
the coolest new gadget that would solve the problem
of my sagging bookshelves.
Saving my pennies for the Kindle.
Can you imagine the trees this would save?
Not to mention the need for one less carry-on for reading material
when traveling?
And there's also the elimination of searching for where you left off,
since this has an automatic bookmark.

On the other hand,
I love the colors of the books lining my shelves.
I love to highlight passages to refer back to.
I love to share my latest favorite book with a friend.
I love walking out of B&N with a heavy (recycled) tote bag full of new books.

Maybe I'll save my pennies for a new lens instead.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My little peas

I've been neglecting them on my blog......
sorry, little people.

I've also neglected birthday wishes the past few weeks......
Happy Birthday Jeff
Happy Birthday Sarah
Happy Birthday Tommy
Happy Birthday Chloe
Happy Birthday Aaron
Happy Birthday Courtney!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

End of the day

Driving home from my sister's I head due west.
This evening I was treated to a sky like I've never seen before.
Fortunately, I had my camera with me (big surprise!)
I shot these photos while driving on the highway,
except for the one with the arrow sign (that was when my
mother was having a stroke at what I was doing so
I pulled off the highway for this one shot).
Have you ever seen a rainbow ball?
There wasn't a speck of rain, or even a rain cloud
to be seen, yet peeking out of the clouds was this
beautiful, rainbow colored ball.
You can see it really well in the top right photo
and again in the top left.

Then there were these icicle clouds (sorry, Cindy - I don't know the
technical name for them).
They are shown on the two bottom photos in the collage.
The reflection of light on them was beautiful.

btw - that Blog It Board is the creation of Jodi at MCP Actions.

As I turned off the highway on the last leg home,
this was the final scene of the sunset tonight.

Somebody up in heaven sure put on a show for us Midwesterners tonight.

And thanks to that "somebody" for allowing me to safely take these shots without crashing into the guardrail.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sun, Sand, Surf, Spirits.....Good Friends

I have been back for a few days,
reality hitting me like a bucket of cold water.
That's the price you pay
for going away
to play.........
Last week I woke up and looked out the door to this..... put on my suit, grabbed a book, and did this.......
at the end of each day I watched this......
Yes, I made tracks to the beach!
This was the only form of communication. So nice.
Every morning, JD set up our camp.
Dan was the afternoon entertainment,
while Glen kept us enthralled every evening with his storytelling skills.

Only once, yes, only once, did we leave the relaxation of the beach.
This is where we went........
this is what we did.......
The Irish play hard.
We were welcomed by the Dukes of Walton and Navare.
They gave us a key to their beloved city and behaved themselves so that
we might return there someday.
Ahhhh, the view from my walk out condo.

Does this look like someone who went against his free will?
Good times, good friends.
My numero uno buddy, he makes a nice backrest on the beach.
Camp "This-is-the-life"
Easing into our sea legs.
Such a wonderful week full of happy memories.
It will be my new "mind's eye" getaway.
Thank you to all the Floridian Dukes who were so hospitable and on their best behavior.
Mark, Glen wants you to text him your email. :)

go check this out and see what you can do