Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Men in her life

Remember that beautiful bride from yesterday?
She has two more men in her life that she obviously cares deeply about.

This charming gentleman is one of them.

(I ran PW's Antique Action on this one)

And who could resist falling for this adorable little man?

No need to worry, Josh. From what I got to know of your bride there is enough love to go around.

Mr & Mrs

Can't say enough good things about this couple.

They are sweet, kind, considerate, funny, generous - an absolute pleasure to be around.

I know that this will be a happily ever after.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. W.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

School's Out

School's out.......
......and the livin' is easy.

It's official - summer is here.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

With Thanks and Respect

Today Peyton and Chloe were excited that they are off school tomorrow.
They thought it was just because the teachers wanted a day off.
I decided that they needed to learn why Memorial Day is a National Holiday
and the reason we celebrate and honor our veterans and active military.
Off we went to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.
I told them that many of their relatives were veterans and were buried there.
They only had met two of the great uncles, but had heard stories about the others.
My father is buried there. We would visit him first.
Each year on this day the Boy Scouts of our area put a flag on all of the
thousands of tombstones, in respect and honor of the veterans at their final resting place.
I explained to them on the way how lucky we are that we have the freedom
to live and play however we chose, how we are able to worship in whatever
church we chose, how lucky we are that we have this freedom.
We have that freedom because of the brave soldiers who fought for it.
That was how I explained to them what this day was all about.
On the street going to the cemetery there was a group selling wooden crosses with artificial flowers stapled to them. The crosses were marked, "dad, mom, grandpa, son, etc."
We didn't see any that said great-grandpa. They wanted one for Pa's grave.
The lady graciously took one apart and made a new cross with "Great Grandpa"
lettered across. We bought that one.
When we got there, all the scouts were leaving, most drenched to the bone from the
morning thunderstorms we were having here.
Well, all of my talking and story telling must have sunk in.
After we went to visit my dad's grave and they put their little wooden cross in the ground,
we said a prayer. I told them we were going to see the other graves of their relatives, but
Peyton thought it would be nice to give these soldiers a salute.
It touched me like nothing has for a long time.
What a site, seeing my grandchildren standing there showing so much
respect, when earlier that day all they were worried about was finding Chloe's ds game.

I think our ancestors would have been as proud of them as they are of their ancestors.

Thanks to all of our veterans, active military and their families on this Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Under the covers

Under the weather, under the covers.
That's where I've been for the last 3 days.
Finally dragged myself to urgent care today for a diagnosis.
Bronchitis and double ear infection.
That would explain the no energy and dizziness when I felt I had energy to get up.
Hopefully these antibiotics and whatever this is they gave me for dizziness
will kick in soon.
I hate being sick.

I thought I would cheer myself up by showing this photo that I had intended
to share a few days ago.
Isn't this the sweetest little baby?
She's Irish too (as if you couldn't tell
by those clear blue eyes and red hair -
she does have red hair - you just can't see it)

Back to the get well island.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's an Honor

It's an honor to show off my nephew, Aaron.
Tonight he graduated - with top honors - from CBC (his uncle Glen's almost Alma mater)
This is a private prep school and very hard to get accepted.
Aaron not only got accepted, but ended his four years there
achieving top 10% academics in his class,
was in the National Honor Society for all four years,
and received the Dean's award and George Washington Carver award.
We are so proud of him.
And he's a NICE boy - I mean, young man.
This school doesn't use the traditional cap and gown.
They wear white dinner jackets with black pants.
The red tie and cummerbund distinguishes him as being in the Natl Honor Society.
Have I said how proud we are of him?

So is his dad, mom, and little sister.
Here they all are, cleaned up and ready to go.
Dad is even wearing a purple tie for his school colors.
(Imagine their shock when I showed up in jean shorts and t-shirt - not to worry, I had a polka dotted shirt and nice black linen carpi's in the car)

Katie watches big brother pose for the mama.
Here he is with some of his grade school chums that went to high school with him. Don't they clean up nice?

(I told my brother in law that I felt like I was walking thru a Frank Sinatra impersonator convention.)

Tons more photos, but too tired to get them all done tonight.

Just wanted to share another one of my buddies with you.

Aaron - did I tell you how proud I am of you?


auntie pam

Sunday, May 18, 2008

104 Candles

Today there was a very special celebration.
One that not many people have the opportunity to attend.
Today we celebrated Aunt Sophia's 104th birthday.
Did you hear that, Willard? I said ONE-HUNDRED-FOUR!
Not too many of those on the Smucker's jars, is there?
And look how lovely and happy she was.
She has always had this smile and warm, lovely way about her every time
I've seen her since I have known her.
That's just how she is.
So today some of us gathered to celebrate Aunt Soph's very special day.
She sang along with us all through the birthday song, clapping loudly at the end.

No trouble blowing out the candles......the baker thought there was a mistake when 3 candles were purchased for this cake. No, that was right. When the birthday girl was given her slice of cake to enjoy, her younger sister,
Aunt Hilda - who is just two years younger at 102 - was concerned about Soph's diabetes and scraped off an icing rose. We had to chuckle at the thoughtful gesture, thinking what did it matter? But maybe all those little things through the years have brought those two to where they are today. Who knows?

And they still enjoy each other's company, after all these years. Aren't they the cutest?

After clearing away the cake plates and ice cream bowls, Aunt Soph stood up (on her own) and began singing her signature song, "Show Me the Way to Go Home" The lady can still belt it out!

It only took me telling her that Peyton and Chloe were Larry & Mary Ann's great grandchildren for her to know who these two were. This makes her their Great, great, great Aunt Sophia, a five generation span.

She said that Chloe looks just like her Grandpa's mom. That made Chloe feel a sense of pride and she asked questions about her later on. I'll have to find our family history book to give her more information. Peyton has been keeping track of Aunt Soph's age since he attended her 100th birthday and wanted to know today what her best memory was. She said she'd have to think about that one and get back to him.

Saturday was another celebration in our family. My buddy ET graduated from h.s. He comes from fine stock, don't you think? But where did he get that height gene?
So, that ends another weekend for me.
It was a very nice one indeed.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Career #17

If you asked me when I was 18 what I wanted to do I would have told you that I wanted to be a research scientist and discover a cure for rheumatoid arthritis.
Unfortunately, chemistry wasn't my strong subject, but math was. I was also in love and planning to get married later that year. (hey, it was okay to get married young back then)
So I went with the business courses. Let's see what's happened since then.
Jobs I have had since I was 18:
secretary for adult ed tech school
secretary for pest control company
accounts payable/receivable for steel corporation
year end accounting audit preparation for an interior design company and a clothing mfg.
health insurance claims processor
health insurance claims processor trainer
grocery store cashier
hot lunch lady
scrapbook store owner
EDIT: Catalog photographer, import company
health insurance customer service
sales associate in home decor store
in between all of this was various volunteer work and committee work for church/school
That's a lot of stuff.
What a winding road I have taken to finally get to my current endeavor.
drum roll please...............

I am always excited to face new challenges and dive right in.
I think that once you set your mind to something you should figure out how to go about it
then get it done.
For the last month I have been working on my website,
networking with other professional photographers,
meeting new people that I really like,
and taking tons of photos.
Whether it will pay off or not,
I will surely enjoy this ride.

So - to all those graduating high school in these next couple of weeks, my two awesome nephews included, I might ask you what you want to DO or to BE, but just know that it's okay to either know or not know. And even if you think you know, it's okay to change direction. The important thing to keep in mind is to always move forward and always give it your very best effort.

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Growth

I took a break today from working on my new website.
I needed some fresh air and sunshine.
Of course I couldn't go out without grabbing my camera and
the new macro lens to see what I could do with it.
What would I photograph today?
I know - let's look at how things are beginning to pop up in my yard!

First stop - the basket where I keep my garden gloves.
They look like they could use a good spring cleaning themselves. Next, I decided to check out the seedlings I had given Chloe to plant.
I'd better get her out here to finish the job.

I love all the birdhouses hanging out in our trees.
This is a special one made by Uncle Joe in 1995.

No - I don't really have a vegetable garden, but I couldn't resist these little garden flags. Aren't they cute and colorful? Almost makes me want to plant veggies.
Here is Glen's Japanese maple that Amy gave him for Father's day about 8 years ago. The contrast of the deep red leaves looked gorgeous against the first blue sky we've had in days.
Another little bird house. This one is tucked into the climbing tree. My sister gave me this one right after we moved here.

These peonies are really late bloomers this year. I usually have a big, colorful bouquet of them on Mother's Day each year. In another week they should be in full bloom and looking beautiful.
The kid's gave me this plant for Mother's day about ten years ago.

I wish you could smell the lilacs here. This is the small dwarf Lilac that Glen planted for me two years ago to hide the ugly electrical box thing.
Here is some of the new growth coming up from those little decorative grasses that I have in the front landscape. By the middle of summer they have spikes of tiny white flowers.
One of the perinnials I planted last year. It will bloom purple when it's ready.
Thanks for taking a little break with me and walking through my yard.

I'll come back and show you the full bloom photos in a few weeks.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Big Boy Job

This was a gift for Mother's Day.
The three babies are cousins and they wanted to give a picture to their grandma.
Dominick is the oldest, at 2.
He was in charge.
Poor little guy.
He had a heck of a time holding these babies upright,
what with them crying, drooling, and falling over.
But he was a champ.
Dominick's dad is telling him what his responsibilities are.
"Hey, I'm only 2!"
Poor Anna, 5 months old, was the first one to topple.
Nicholas, who is 6 months old, didn't like her crying on his shoulder.
"Go tell it to someone else." Dominick finally got a grip on Anna, then forgot about poor little Nicholas.
Looks like he got a kick out of Nicholas' acrobats. (don't worry - they were a
good distance away from that stone wall - nobody received a head injury or stitches)

Finally, Mama Sarah comes in to get it right.

She's always having to do everything - just ask her brothers.

This is the best they could do and I understand that their Grandma thinks it's adorable.

So do I.

I hope they call me back for their Christmas shoot.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Journey begins

Two more school sleeps for this one.
Those feet are taking him to great places in this world.
I feel it in my bones.

Did I mention his singing voice can bring down the house?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another happy Sunday

We ended our long, busy weekend tonight at the Shriner's Moolah Circus. For the third time in my life I found myself on top of an elephant. Man, they are BIG creatures! I told Chloe (who has never had the pleasure) that everyone must ride an elephant at least once in their life. She would do it if I went with her, so here we are. G stayed on lower ground and took these nice shots of us perched atop Chang, the Asian elephant. Peyton always likes to be the driver.
Then on to some serious face painting. Chloe was a Bengal tiger - complete with a glitter nose and spots.
Peyton decided to be a blue Bengal - a mystical creature, but he has an imagination.
I think they look adorably ferocious, don't you?

This set for my fav 6'3" boy.

Have you seen the movie, "Enchanted"?

That's what they reminded me of. His girl is as sweet as she is pretty.

These two are like night and day, but as close as two brothers can be.

I'm loving digital photography this weekend. Between yesterday and today I shot over 1000 photos. Imagine what that would have cost in film!!!!! A couple more for Mother's day surprises, so can't share, but one of the sets is hysterical! Can't wait to show you.

Here are a few more from Saturday.........

The Andrews Family The T-man, my buddy.
A shot of my little pals with Gracie's new wagon, using PW's actions (love playing with those!)
Grammy kissing her little girl bye-bye
and look how Herself is growing in her mommy's tummy!
Off to bed. This gal is plum worn out!