Monday, May 12, 2008

New Growth

I took a break today from working on my new website.
I needed some fresh air and sunshine.
Of course I couldn't go out without grabbing my camera and
the new macro lens to see what I could do with it.
What would I photograph today?
I know - let's look at how things are beginning to pop up in my yard!

First stop - the basket where I keep my garden gloves.
They look like they could use a good spring cleaning themselves. Next, I decided to check out the seedlings I had given Chloe to plant.
I'd better get her out here to finish the job.

I love all the birdhouses hanging out in our trees.
This is a special one made by Uncle Joe in 1995.

No - I don't really have a vegetable garden, but I couldn't resist these little garden flags. Aren't they cute and colorful? Almost makes me want to plant veggies.
Here is Glen's Japanese maple that Amy gave him for Father's day about 8 years ago. The contrast of the deep red leaves looked gorgeous against the first blue sky we've had in days.
Another little bird house. This one is tucked into the climbing tree. My sister gave me this one right after we moved here.

These peonies are really late bloomers this year. I usually have a big, colorful bouquet of them on Mother's Day each year. In another week they should be in full bloom and looking beautiful.
The kid's gave me this plant for Mother's day about ten years ago.

I wish you could smell the lilacs here. This is the small dwarf Lilac that Glen planted for me two years ago to hide the ugly electrical box thing.
Here is some of the new growth coming up from those little decorative grasses that I have in the front landscape. By the middle of summer they have spikes of tiny white flowers.
One of the perinnials I planted last year. It will bloom purple when it's ready.
Thanks for taking a little break with me and walking through my yard.

I'll come back and show you the full bloom photos in a few weeks.

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