Sunday, May 18, 2008

104 Candles

Today there was a very special celebration.
One that not many people have the opportunity to attend.
Today we celebrated Aunt Sophia's 104th birthday.
Did you hear that, Willard? I said ONE-HUNDRED-FOUR!
Not too many of those on the Smucker's jars, is there?
And look how lovely and happy she was.
She has always had this smile and warm, lovely way about her every time
I've seen her since I have known her.
That's just how she is.
So today some of us gathered to celebrate Aunt Soph's very special day.
She sang along with us all through the birthday song, clapping loudly at the end.

No trouble blowing out the candles......the baker thought there was a mistake when 3 candles were purchased for this cake. No, that was right. When the birthday girl was given her slice of cake to enjoy, her younger sister,
Aunt Hilda - who is just two years younger at 102 - was concerned about Soph's diabetes and scraped off an icing rose. We had to chuckle at the thoughtful gesture, thinking what did it matter? But maybe all those little things through the years have brought those two to where they are today. Who knows?

And they still enjoy each other's company, after all these years. Aren't they the cutest?

After clearing away the cake plates and ice cream bowls, Aunt Soph stood up (on her own) and began singing her signature song, "Show Me the Way to Go Home" The lady can still belt it out!

It only took me telling her that Peyton and Chloe were Larry & Mary Ann's great grandchildren for her to know who these two were. This makes her their Great, great, great Aunt Sophia, a five generation span.

She said that Chloe looks just like her Grandpa's mom. That made Chloe feel a sense of pride and she asked questions about her later on. I'll have to find our family history book to give her more information. Peyton has been keeping track of Aunt Soph's age since he attended her 100th birthday and wanted to know today what her best memory was. She said she'd have to think about that one and get back to him.

Saturday was another celebration in our family. My buddy ET graduated from h.s. He comes from fine stock, don't you think? But where did he get that height gene?
So, that ends another weekend for me.
It was a very nice one indeed.

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