Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's an Honor

It's an honor to show off my nephew, Aaron.
Tonight he graduated - with top honors - from CBC (his uncle Glen's almost Alma mater)
This is a private prep school and very hard to get accepted.
Aaron not only got accepted, but ended his four years there
achieving top 10% academics in his class,
was in the National Honor Society for all four years,
and received the Dean's award and George Washington Carver award.
We are so proud of him.
And he's a NICE boy - I mean, young man.
This school doesn't use the traditional cap and gown.
They wear white dinner jackets with black pants.
The red tie and cummerbund distinguishes him as being in the Natl Honor Society.
Have I said how proud we are of him?

So is his dad, mom, and little sister.
Here they all are, cleaned up and ready to go.
Dad is even wearing a purple tie for his school colors.
(Imagine their shock when I showed up in jean shorts and t-shirt - not to worry, I had a polka dotted shirt and nice black linen carpi's in the car)

Katie watches big brother pose for the mama.
Here he is with some of his grade school chums that went to high school with him. Don't they clean up nice?

(I told my brother in law that I felt like I was walking thru a Frank Sinatra impersonator convention.)

Tons more photos, but too tired to get them all done tonight.

Just wanted to share another one of my buddies with you.

Aaron - did I tell you how proud I am of you?


auntie pam

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