Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Big Boy Job

This was a gift for Mother's Day.
The three babies are cousins and they wanted to give a picture to their grandma.
Dominick is the oldest, at 2.
He was in charge.
Poor little guy.
He had a heck of a time holding these babies upright,
what with them crying, drooling, and falling over.
But he was a champ.
Dominick's dad is telling him what his responsibilities are.
"Hey, I'm only 2!"
Poor Anna, 5 months old, was the first one to topple.
Nicholas, who is 6 months old, didn't like her crying on his shoulder.
"Go tell it to someone else." Dominick finally got a grip on Anna, then forgot about poor little Nicholas.
Looks like he got a kick out of Nicholas' acrobats. (don't worry - they were a
good distance away from that stone wall - nobody received a head injury or stitches)

Finally, Mama Sarah comes in to get it right.

She's always having to do everything - just ask her brothers.

This is the best they could do and I understand that their Grandma thinks it's adorable.

So do I.

I hope they call me back for their Christmas shoot.

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Anonymous said...

I love the one with the little feet in the air. Just darling.