Sunday, July 30, 2006

The things we do for love

It was a hot day.
I mean H O T - as in ice is melting in the freezer hot.
So what did I do?
I went to a bridal shower - outside - at a winery
on top of a hill
without trees
without a breeze
with one fan to cool off
all the guests under a large
canopy tent.
It was miserable.
I had to take off my funky big-bead necklace
to help bring down my body temperature.
Why did I go?
I went because this beautiful young girl
is engaged to be married to a boy that
is like a son to me.
His mom & I have been friends for over
twenty years.
They are like family.
I wouldn't have missed sharing in
this part of the celebration,
even to sacrifice comfort.
Best wishes to you both, Emily and Steve.
I'll see you at the wedding.
(which I hope is air conditioned!)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Quarter Century

Happy Birthday Lin-z.
25 years ago I remember the nurse laying you on my chest and you stared so intensely into my eyes that I knew our bond was formed right at that moment.
Today I saw that bond between you and your son.
How powerful that love can be.
Then I had to smile.
I couldn't help but look at the big red heart ring that Peyton so proudly bought (with his own money) and gave you for your birthday.
I'm proud of you for wearing such a gawdy thing.
I'm tickled because it's payback time!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How many?

How many are family?
ALL of them!
Okay, so we may have had a few
reunion crashers,
but I'm sure they wanted
to belong to us by the time they left.

Steve and Danny - I'm waiting for those
shots you took from the roof.
You did have film, didn't you?

She deserves her own

This one had to stand alone.
This is my Lizzie,
the niece who made me an aunt for the first time.
On the day of the reunion she came with her husband,
young Tim,
and this first photo of............................

Yep, it's a girl!
I knew it would be.

I really wish she'd reconsider
and name this baby Isobel or Isodora
so I can call them Lizzie and Izzie.
The mommy and daddy-to-be aren't going along with it.

What the heck rhymes with Grace?
I'll just have to call her
Baby Grace with the pretty face.
And when she's learning to eat,
Baby Grace with a messy face.
I feel better now.

More of my folks

I don't know where it came from, but Chloe has started using the term "folks". She always wants to know if I am having "our folks" over. After this last weekend she got to meet a LOT of my "folks". I'm still sharing here. Over four hundred shots to go through and so little time.
I purchased the IttyBitty Actions proofing set two days ago. I love the ease of it and am so pleased with the results.
Anyway, I digress.
Here are some of the younger folks tonight.
Threw in one old guy just to mix it up.
He was the chief grillmaster.

Has anyone found that tomato fork yet?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pieces of family

More mug shots from the reunion (and still more to come). Deb, Kathleen & Bev always want to ham it up. Aren't they pretty?
Eric is showing off his pastry skills. He is working at the bakery this summer and he decorated this cake for us. I think he did a fabulous job! That's me on the top looking happy.
Becky & Jeff duplicate their pose (see the photo in the background?) from the early days of the fireworks business. Jeff had to crunch down here to get the angles just right. I think they've grown up quite nicely!

Monday, July 24, 2006

You can see clearly now......

Don't know what happened to that last photo of Crystal, so here's another.
Her soul is as beautiful as she is.

My own little world

I've been away for a while
in my own little world.
My sides are still going in and out
(decidedly OUT in this photo).
Had the most remarkable weekend
with my Irish clan all gathered together
out in the country
eating good food
telling stories
catching up on old times
meeting new family members
missing the ones who weren't with us
watching the traditional fireworks display
post 4th of July.
I'm still basking in the love I felt of and for
my family.
So - I promised to send you all the photos I took and will work on them this weekend.
For now, here's one of my favorite shots of Crystal with her violin.
Had a great time........wish you all were still here.
ps - again our apologies to the out of towners for the monsoon/tornado/power outages/cancelled flights/salads only/etc. that occured here this weekend.....glad you are all home where it's safe.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A "Cool" Idea

My sister is preparing her home for our family reunion next weekend. We are in an extreme heat wave here in the midwest and our northeastern relatives are coming. She had always heard that heat RISES so thought if she kept the tents LOW to the ground it would make for more comfortable conversation seating. I've gotta give her credit for this one.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Where do we go from here?

The St. Louis Zoo is one of the best places to spend a summer day.
What could be more fun than pulling one hundred pounds of kids in a wagon for six hours while they point out the areas you "missed"?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Taking place outdoors

The heat has finally broken a little bit.
Just enough for us to dine alfresco.
Table for two, please.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Celebrating the USA

Just a few of the highlights from our Fourth of July celebration here in the Midwest.
The mega float that you see above depicts our town's 150th year and took all the trophies. It was a sight to see. Kudos to Mick and all who labored for weeks putting it all together.
Lindsay was in good "spirits" for the fireworks display on the riverfront.
Chloe was happy to have a wagon ride on the 37 block trek her Grandpa took to get us free parking for the festival.
My little buddies made out like bandits with sacks full of candy from the parade. {I think this holiday might be surpassing Halloween for treats}.
Me? Well, I just sat back and enjoyed the events of the day with my clan. We are definetly a Fourth of July family!
Can't let this day pass without mentioning our troops who so bravely defend our freedom so that we can enjoy days like today. Thank you to all who are serving now and to our veterans who served in the past. God Bless America.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Backstage Pass

Today's postcard goes out to Joey.
He has been following this band for a couple of years, telling me how much I'd like them.
He was right! (did I really admit that?)
Today I had a backstage pass to shoot them at the SQ150 Celebration day.
Had a great time. Thanks Joey & the Joe Dirt Band.