Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Celebrating the USA

Just a few of the highlights from our Fourth of July celebration here in the Midwest.
The mega float that you see above depicts our town's 150th year and took all the trophies. It was a sight to see. Kudos to Mick and all who labored for weeks putting it all together.
Lindsay was in good "spirits" for the fireworks display on the riverfront.
Chloe was happy to have a wagon ride on the 37 block trek her Grandpa took to get us free parking for the festival.
My little buddies made out like bandits with sacks full of candy from the parade. {I think this holiday might be surpassing Halloween for treats}.
Me? Well, I just sat back and enjoyed the events of the day with my clan. We are definetly a Fourth of July family!
Can't let this day pass without mentioning our troops who so bravely defend our freedom so that we can enjoy days like today. Thank you to all who are serving now and to our veterans who served in the past. God Bless America.

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Gayla said...

No room at the Inn? I want to be adopted by least on holidays. You do know how to do it right. Great picture of Lindsay and cute ones of the kiddos of course. Was it REALLY 37 blocks to get that free parking or did it just feel like it? Gotta love men!