Sunday, July 16, 2006

A "Cool" Idea

My sister is preparing her home for our family reunion next weekend. We are in an extreme heat wave here in the midwest and our northeastern relatives are coming. She had always heard that heat RISES so thought if she kept the tents LOW to the ground it would make for more comfortable conversation seating. I've gotta give her credit for this one.


Gayla said...

OK, I'm not sure about that one! Could work as a sauna effect especially if she waters. Steam rising right out of the grass and being trapped under the low tent where there's no air circulation. Go sit out there awhile and let me know just how cool it really is.I suggest you move the reuninion to your cabin at the lake. Do you still have that or was it just a place you rented out?

Gayla said...

eeekkk...gotta love how I spelled reunion!

becky said...

looks like an interesting reunion, lol