Monday, July 24, 2006

My own little world

I've been away for a while
in my own little world.
My sides are still going in and out
(decidedly OUT in this photo).
Had the most remarkable weekend
with my Irish clan all gathered together
out in the country
eating good food
telling stories
catching up on old times
meeting new family members
missing the ones who weren't with us
watching the traditional fireworks display
post 4th of July.
I'm still basking in the love I felt of and for
my family.
So - I promised to send you all the photos I took and will work on them this weekend.
For now, here's one of my favorite shots of Crystal with her violin.
Had a great time........wish you all were still here.
ps - again our apologies to the out of towners for the monsoon/tornado/power outages/cancelled flights/salads only/etc. that occured here this weekend.....glad you are all home where it's safe.

1 comment:

Gayla said...

I was worried about you with all that weather mess I was hearing about up your way. Looks like the party went on despite it all.