Saturday, July 29, 2006

Quarter Century

Happy Birthday Lin-z.
25 years ago I remember the nurse laying you on my chest and you stared so intensely into my eyes that I knew our bond was formed right at that moment.
Today I saw that bond between you and your son.
How powerful that love can be.
Then I had to smile.
I couldn't help but look at the big red heart ring that Peyton so proudly bought (with his own money) and gave you for your birthday.
I'm proud of you for wearing such a gawdy thing.
I'm tickled because it's payback time!


Gayla said...

Payback it. I'm still waiting although Val is getting a little of that with the twins she keeps.You probably encouraged the purchase of the ring...correct? LOL

Rita said...

Happy Birthday to Lindsay -- that picture of her and Peyton is amazing! Tugs at the heartstrings!