Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brave Sam and Double Bubble

Samantha gave her poor mom and dad an awful scare.
Not only did she break her arm, but she broke both bones in her arm.
Adding to that she was transported to the hospital in an ambulance.
All of this happened the day before they were leaving for their beach vacation.
Sam was a real trooper. She's a brave girl!
Thanks for letting me autograph your cast. I hope the itching has stopped
and you are dreaming of cotton candy.

Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble - Macbeth
They may look like double trouble,
but these are the sweetest little guys!
I am lucky enough to call them family.
They came to us through marriage,
but they stay through the heart.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bubble, Baby, and Tea Time

Another shot of little P modeling the wonderful creations of Juliebugs

I asked her for a Mona Lisa smile.

Big P waiting on third base while a new pitcher was warming up

I was so inspired by Nicole V that I had to set this up for a shoot with C
I would love to follow Nicole around for a week. She inspires me.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Biased Commercial

This is a sneak preview of a photo project I've been working on for Juliebugs Boutique.
You can find her super cute items here and coming!
Litte P had a blast modeling for her GP today. She even patiently waited while
her laundry was drying. Thank goodness it was a nice, breezy day.
The hair adornments are the nicest I've seen anywhere. The flowers actually clip into a piece on the headband or hat, or they can also be worn alone by clipping the fabric covered clip into a piece of hair. One of the little neighbor girls had all the big ones clipped on the hem of her skirt. The onsies, or t-shirts, are so imaginative and fun. We had a great time the last couple of Fridays working on the photos which I will soon share.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Happily and counting

Today marks the 35th anniversary of Glen & I saying the "i do" thing.
Little did we know what we were in for when we said those words at 18 & 19 years old.
But you know what?
We'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.
That's what he told me, and I feel the same.

The kids had a really nice luncheon for us today
and tomorrow we are off on an adventure all by ourselves.
It's a secret. We aren't taking any little people with us.
Don't even ask.
Well, you'll be in school anyway.
Except the baby.
No, I don't want to take a diaper bag on our special day.
Maybe we'll just rest up for an evening with the kids.

No alarm clock in the morning
and a nice long nap in the afternoon
doesn't sound so bad!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy B day and a little bit of Life

Since my dear friend is one of the most creative, talented people I know, I couldn't simply post a photo of her on her birthday. It had to have a little pizazz. This happens to be a photo I took of her when she and some other good friends drove across the state to surprise me on my own birthday this year. Happy birthday, sweetie! Hope it's a great one and wish I was there to celebrate with you. Relax and enjoy!
template by Rhonna Farrar

Speaking of birthdays, here's a quick shot of the little P on her first. Traditional lamb cake, since my sister's first birthday, compliments of Gram. More photos to come of the BIG PARTY just as soon as I can get them loaded. Take my word, it was a blast!

Sunday afternoon I decided to load my two moms and the little people in the car for a road trip. We decided to slow down and smell the sunflowers.......
It was about 4pm when I was able to take some photos of these beautiful sunflowers.
I thought these deep orange ones were especially pretty.
The day couldn't have been more gorgeous. Look at that pretty blue sky
(thanks to my handy polarizer lens filter).
The Sunflower Scouts.
They tramped through the field scaring snakes and mice away
for their beloved Grandma Pam.
Rewind to last Friday. I had my little Rock Star making noise at my house.
Love her sweet little feet holding her up on her tippy toes!
She made all kinds of music. Check out her duds.
Gotta love a girl who loves peace!
Note to self: teach baby girl the meaning of peace.
Fast forward to Sunday. The daddy decided to surprise the grandmas on their road trip by loading up the little P and her mamma and surprising us at the luncheon destination.
He got a bag of chocolate from his mother in law for that one.
Sorry, gotta ride is waiting.