Friday, August 21, 2009

A Biased Commercial

This is a sneak preview of a photo project I've been working on for Juliebugs Boutique.
You can find her super cute items here and coming!
Litte P had a blast modeling for her GP today. She even patiently waited while
her laundry was drying. Thank goodness it was a nice, breezy day.
The hair adornments are the nicest I've seen anywhere. The flowers actually clip into a piece on the headband or hat, or they can also be worn alone by clipping the fabric covered clip into a piece of hair. One of the little neighbor girls had all the big ones clipped on the hem of her skirt. The onsies, or t-shirts, are so imaginative and fun. We had a great time the last couple of Fridays working on the photos which I will soon share.

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Marge Layton said...

Pam - You are the BEST...ADORABLE Photo. Great info about Juliebugs stuff!