Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Little Piece of Peace

Isn't this a beautiful view?
It is what my bff and her man look at
every day, right out their back door.
Calm, peaceful, beautiful.

But - it doesn't come easy.
They work hard to keep it looking so nice.
In fact, my bff's life seemed to be endangered
just last week when her trusty tractor began smoking.
Thankfully, she escaped unharmed.
It meant she was in shape to prepare
a delicious meal and entertain a group
of close friends last evening.
We came armed with chocolate cake and
fishing gear (after a stop at the expensive plastic
worm store, where I was WAY overdressed).

We arrived to warm greetings.
Sure, it rained a little.
Yes, there was a threat of severe thunderstorms
and a possible tornado.
Actually, when I asked D. where we were on
that storm map they show on tv, he
pointed to the highlighted red triangle,
the eye of the storm.

It's funny how relaxed you can be in that
situation with a group of friends
and a few margaritas under the belt.

I thought it was beautiful out after the storm passed.

Just look............

We even saw a huge rainbow, with the moon
just over the top right corner.
You don't see that here in this photo
because I had left my camera in the car.
(That's why I needed it, dh)
J. was kind enough to retrieve it for me,
but by the time he returned the
rainbow was gone.
But I saw it.

Then we saw this...........

I really love stormy days.
Days that you can curl up and sit on a swing,
chat with friends sitting next to you,
eat, drink and be merry.

It was a very nice day.
A little piece of peace.