Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today was Sara's 25th birthday. That's her sitting in front guarding our sweet baby Grace because she's the momma. Anyway, a lot of our "folk" gathered at this restaurant to surprise Sara with a party. We all had a wonderful time and I think the birthday girl did too.
We were slipping little bitty tastes of icing from the birthday cake to Grace, who was delighted with this new-found taste. While Gram was holding her I told her to give her a taste of the frosting from her cake so Grace would make that cute little face. Gram picked up the entire plate and let Grace scoop a big handful! Joey and Abby were shocked and tried to hide the fact from Grace's mommy and daddy. Gram and Grace thought it was pretty funny and I love this shot I got of them trying to hide their little secret. Abby, looks like you missed a couple of chocolate crumbs on the baby's hand!
Tomorrow is Tommy's 17th birthday. He's everybody's sweetheart. Isn't he a handsome guy? Apparently the girls of OFHS think so too. The boy's phone never stops ringing.
Happy Birthday Tommy!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Abby came through

Proud Aunt Abby sent these first shots out of little baby Andrew. Katie looks like a natural holding her new little guy. He's adorable! Here are the proud grandparents, checking out their little guy. Looks like they are smitten already.
Thanks for sharing Abby.

It's a Boy!

Poor Joey. He's been surrounded by females most of his life. Two sisters, girl cousins......and now another sister-in-law, Katie. That's her sitting on Joey's left the day of the wedding last month, just four weeks prior to her due date. But that's okay. It's taught him how to be a gentleman and he knows when the girl is right (always).
Today, he added another male in his corner. Katie and Jim are the proud parents of baby Andrew, born around 11am this morning. I hear they are resting well and that everything went smoothly. Can't wait to see the little guy. I think Abby might be taking some pics :)

Found this shot, that I love, of baby Andrew's brand-new Grandma. I know how she's feeling right now, becoming a grandmother for the first time. I thought this shot would represent how very happy she is today. BTW that's the GREAT-grandpa sitting there behind us. I'm just betting that he's pretty darn thrilled as is Grandpa Jim, Katie's dad.

SO..............CONGRATULATIONS to you, Katie and Jim, on becoming new parents

Brenda and Jim on becoming new Grandparents

Abby - on becoming an aunt.

AND to all the rest of our "extended folk" in Pittsfield. We are all so very happy for you!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Grandparent's Day

Chloe got this awesome interactive book, "My Granny's Purse" for going above and beyond the reading requirements for the August Red Hot Readers at her school. I thought she deserved a little something extra for her extra efforts. How we laughed as we were going through the "purse" to find all the little things that I have, or like, as well. We rolled with laughter when we came across the M&M's and Hershey bar. Then there was a small peace emblem (like my bracelet I always wear), the fancy sunglasses, the photos, notes, gum, and various other goodies that I tote around with me. We had a blast playing with it.
My big boys, Tommy and Eric, came over to spend the night on Saturday. Peyton and Chloe tormented them the entire time. I had to remind them that they used to do the same thing to Joey when they were little. They are such great kids! Tommy cooked dinner for us and Eric entertained us with his dry sense of humor. I was sad to see them leave on Sunday morning. Jobs and homework are always getting in the way! But Gram was so happy they came over, even if it was just a short visit.
Sunday afternoon we were graced with a nice long visit from Sara and Sweet Baby Grace. After a dinner of bananas, carrots, and white grape juice Grace needed a little freshening up. We haven't had a baby in that sink for a long time - she had the best time splashing and playing for her audience (see next photo).
Joey and Abby - the newlyweds - came by too. I'd say that Gram ended up having a wonderful grandparent's day, and so did I!
Wish you had all been here. It was a lovely day.
p.s. You've got to visit Jessica's blog. She made the most incredible mini album of the wonderful photos she took at Joe & Abby's wedding. She is married to Abby's cousin and they live in California. Check out a glimpse of the album here. I've got to run out and get that binding machine! The transparency album is a delicious treat to have and hold!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Back up part two

Can't decide between the color or b&w. I think Abby will like this one.
Aunt Vic made all the bridesmaids dresses. She did a beautiful job on them. Little Hannah wasn't neglected ----- she had her own version to match. Isn't she a beauty?
"Hey, we can't play JUMP with you wearing this fancy tux, Uncle Glen."
If this isn't one of those shots that says it all. Pretty baby Grace, coming down the aisle in her fancy dress - mommy standing within two feet of her and Peyton watching her back.

More next week.
Hi to all our folks in Pittsfield!

Always have a back up

Abby and her dad.
Me and daughter #1
Chloe thinks she needs a touch up on the blush too
My little girlfriend #2
When they thought no one was watching..............

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Some wedding shots

It was worth it for them to drag out to this little spot that Glen had found. The temperature was close to 100 degrees, but they were troopers. Especially poor Katie, who's expecting next month! From left to right.....Tommy, Amy, Eric, Brianne, Steve, Joe, Abby, Steve, Katie, Jim, Lindsay, and Aaron.

Love this shot. Garry did a wonderful job and even congratulated me on staying away and giving him free reign. It was hard, but I knew Lindsay would be bossy in my place - which she apparently did - LOL!
more coming next post.............

Wedding pics - part two

One of my very favorites. Look how happy they are at the end of the ceremony, surrounded by family and friends.
Wil doesn't know what all this fuss is about. Aren't the girls as cute as can be?
with this ring..............
Wil has to check out what is so fasinating in that big mirror.
Little Lauren had the hang of the bubble thing.

So, there you have it. A first glimpse of the wedding that began with a proposal last Christmas.
May they live happily ever after.