Sunday, September 09, 2007

Grandparent's Day

Chloe got this awesome interactive book, "My Granny's Purse" for going above and beyond the reading requirements for the August Red Hot Readers at her school. I thought she deserved a little something extra for her extra efforts. How we laughed as we were going through the "purse" to find all the little things that I have, or like, as well. We rolled with laughter when we came across the M&M's and Hershey bar. Then there was a small peace emblem (like my bracelet I always wear), the fancy sunglasses, the photos, notes, gum, and various other goodies that I tote around with me. We had a blast playing with it.
My big boys, Tommy and Eric, came over to spend the night on Saturday. Peyton and Chloe tormented them the entire time. I had to remind them that they used to do the same thing to Joey when they were little. They are such great kids! Tommy cooked dinner for us and Eric entertained us with his dry sense of humor. I was sad to see them leave on Sunday morning. Jobs and homework are always getting in the way! But Gram was so happy they came over, even if it was just a short visit.
Sunday afternoon we were graced with a nice long visit from Sara and Sweet Baby Grace. After a dinner of bananas, carrots, and white grape juice Grace needed a little freshening up. We haven't had a baby in that sink for a long time - she had the best time splashing and playing for her audience (see next photo).
Joey and Abby - the newlyweds - came by too. I'd say that Gram ended up having a wonderful grandparent's day, and so did I!
Wish you had all been here. It was a lovely day.
p.s. You've got to visit Jessica's blog. She made the most incredible mini album of the wonderful photos she took at Joe & Abby's wedding. She is married to Abby's cousin and they live in California. Check out a glimpse of the album here. I've got to run out and get that binding machine! The transparency album is a delicious treat to have and hold!


Anonymous said...

Last time I saw baby Grace she had jet black hair. Now it looks like Sara's.

Jessica Guthrie said...

Thanks for the compliment, Pam! I am so glad Abby and Joe enjoy the book! It was fun making it. It's a style that isn't really typical for me! I'll have to show you the BiA when we're out there around Christmas time - you'll love it. Especially after seeing that great purse album you did, I think you'll be a big fan!