Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today was Sara's 25th birthday. That's her sitting in front guarding our sweet baby Grace because she's the momma. Anyway, a lot of our "folk" gathered at this restaurant to surprise Sara with a party. We all had a wonderful time and I think the birthday girl did too.
We were slipping little bitty tastes of icing from the birthday cake to Grace, who was delighted with this new-found taste. While Gram was holding her I told her to give her a taste of the frosting from her cake so Grace would make that cute little face. Gram picked up the entire plate and let Grace scoop a big handful! Joey and Abby were shocked and tried to hide the fact from Grace's mommy and daddy. Gram and Grace thought it was pretty funny and I love this shot I got of them trying to hide their little secret. Abby, looks like you missed a couple of chocolate crumbs on the baby's hand!
Tomorrow is Tommy's 17th birthday. He's everybody's sweetheart. Isn't he a handsome guy? Apparently the girls of OFHS think so too. The boy's phone never stops ringing.
Happy Birthday Tommy!


Anonymous said...

P, great pic of Tommy, but I LOVE the pic of Grams with Grace. They looks so happy and full of love.

Ariana's Corner said...

poor guy that happens to my cousin alot! He even made me answer the his cell phone and act like I was girlfriend so this girl would leave him alone! lol that didn't stop her! she called like five times that night!
Great blog! I love the photos!