Monday, September 24, 2007

It's a Boy!

Poor Joey. He's been surrounded by females most of his life. Two sisters, girl cousins......and now another sister-in-law, Katie. That's her sitting on Joey's left the day of the wedding last month, just four weeks prior to her due date. But that's okay. It's taught him how to be a gentleman and he knows when the girl is right (always).
Today, he added another male in his corner. Katie and Jim are the proud parents of baby Andrew, born around 11am this morning. I hear they are resting well and that everything went smoothly. Can't wait to see the little guy. I think Abby might be taking some pics :)

Found this shot, that I love, of baby Andrew's brand-new Grandma. I know how she's feeling right now, becoming a grandmother for the first time. I thought this shot would represent how very happy she is today. BTW that's the GREAT-grandpa sitting there behind us. I'm just betting that he's pretty darn thrilled as is Grandpa Jim, Katie's dad.

SO..............CONGRATULATIONS to you, Katie and Jim, on becoming new parents

Brenda and Jim on becoming new Grandparents

Abby - on becoming an aunt.

AND to all the rest of our "extended folk" in Pittsfield. We are all so very happy for you!

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