Sunday, July 30, 2006

The things we do for love

It was a hot day.
I mean H O T - as in ice is melting in the freezer hot.
So what did I do?
I went to a bridal shower - outside - at a winery
on top of a hill
without trees
without a breeze
with one fan to cool off
all the guests under a large
canopy tent.
It was miserable.
I had to take off my funky big-bead necklace
to help bring down my body temperature.
Why did I go?
I went because this beautiful young girl
is engaged to be married to a boy that
is like a son to me.
His mom & I have been friends for over
twenty years.
They are like family.
I wouldn't have missed sharing in
this part of the celebration,
even to sacrifice comfort.
Best wishes to you both, Emily and Steve.
I'll see you at the wedding.
(which I hope is air conditioned!)

1 comment:

Gayla said...

It's nice to have friends like you that will endure the elements. I tortured by family and friends years ago with a garden wedding in late July. It was 1980 where we had 40 days of over 100 degree temps! The weather just doesn't always cooperate with the weddings of our dreams!