Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another happy Sunday

We ended our long, busy weekend tonight at the Shriner's Moolah Circus. For the third time in my life I found myself on top of an elephant. Man, they are BIG creatures! I told Chloe (who has never had the pleasure) that everyone must ride an elephant at least once in their life. She would do it if I went with her, so here we are. G stayed on lower ground and took these nice shots of us perched atop Chang, the Asian elephant. Peyton always likes to be the driver.
Then on to some serious face painting. Chloe was a Bengal tiger - complete with a glitter nose and spots.
Peyton decided to be a blue Bengal - a mystical creature, but he has an imagination.
I think they look adorably ferocious, don't you?

This set for my fav 6'3" boy.

Have you seen the movie, "Enchanted"?

That's what they reminded me of. His girl is as sweet as she is pretty.

These two are like night and day, but as close as two brothers can be.

I'm loving digital photography this weekend. Between yesterday and today I shot over 1000 photos. Imagine what that would have cost in film!!!!! A couple more for Mother's day surprises, so can't share, but one of the sets is hysterical! Can't wait to show you.

Here are a few more from Saturday.........

The Andrews Family The T-man, my buddy.
A shot of my little pals with Gracie's new wagon, using PW's actions (love playing with those!)
Grammy kissing her little girl bye-bye
and look how Herself is growing in her mommy's tummy!
Off to bed. This gal is plum worn out!

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