Sunday, October 12, 2008

End of the day

Driving home from my sister's I head due west.
This evening I was treated to a sky like I've never seen before.
Fortunately, I had my camera with me (big surprise!)
I shot these photos while driving on the highway,
except for the one with the arrow sign (that was when my
mother was having a stroke at what I was doing so
I pulled off the highway for this one shot).
Have you ever seen a rainbow ball?
There wasn't a speck of rain, or even a rain cloud
to be seen, yet peeking out of the clouds was this
beautiful, rainbow colored ball.
You can see it really well in the top right photo
and again in the top left.

Then there were these icicle clouds (sorry, Cindy - I don't know the
technical name for them).
They are shown on the two bottom photos in the collage.
The reflection of light on them was beautiful.

btw - that Blog It Board is the creation of Jodi at MCP Actions.

As I turned off the highway on the last leg home,
this was the final scene of the sunset tonight.

Somebody up in heaven sure put on a show for us Midwesterners tonight.

And thanks to that "somebody" for allowing me to safely take these shots without crashing into the guardrail.

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