Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sun, Sand, Surf, Spirits.....Good Friends

I have been back for a few days,
reality hitting me like a bucket of cold water.
That's the price you pay
for going away
to play.........
Last week I woke up and looked out the door to this..... put on my suit, grabbed a book, and did this.......
at the end of each day I watched this......
Yes, I made tracks to the beach!
This was the only form of communication. So nice.
Every morning, JD set up our camp.
Dan was the afternoon entertainment,
while Glen kept us enthralled every evening with his storytelling skills.

Only once, yes, only once, did we leave the relaxation of the beach.
This is where we went........
this is what we did.......
The Irish play hard.
We were welcomed by the Dukes of Walton and Navare.
They gave us a key to their beloved city and behaved themselves so that
we might return there someday.
Ahhhh, the view from my walk out condo.

Does this look like someone who went against his free will?
Good times, good friends.
My numero uno buddy, he makes a nice backrest on the beach.
Camp "This-is-the-life"
Easing into our sea legs.
Such a wonderful week full of happy memories.
It will be my new "mind's eye" getaway.
Thank you to all the Floridian Dukes who were so hospitable and on their best behavior.
Mark, Glen wants you to text him your email. :)

go check this out and see what you can do

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