Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anna in Wonderland

Hi! (she really says that to me)
My name is Anna. I'd like to welcome you to my crib. See? I really DO have a crib!
This is where I sleep, and sometimes don't sleep.
Today I'm not sleepy, so let me show you around.
This is my tree. I love the texture. Not as smooth as my blankie, but I still like to touch it.
This is my sitting-on-the-leopard-print-pillow spot. I have a view of my toys from here.
Ahhh, my very cushy, comfy reading and rocking chair.
This is my corner spot. Isn't the light lovely over here?

Since my mom worked so very hard painting this WONDER-ful Land for me, I thought I'd let her get in on the tour of my crib.
She spent hundreds of hours while she was waiting for me to bake in her tummy to paint all of this.
Isn't she a wonderful artist? I think she's the best. Just look at this place!
I think I'm very lucky, don't you?
Time for my nap now, but thanks for stopping by.

Is this not the most INCREDIBLE room you've ever seen? I felt like I WAS Alice walking around in here shooting this most delightful, adorable baby. She's one of my favs.
And she really does say "Hi!" all the time.
Thanks for a happy morning, Anna.


Anonymous said...

WOW! WOW! This is awesome. I think my favorite picture is Anna peaking around the door and the caption. Anna sitting in the chair with the big book, how darling. I can't imagine having a room painted like that & how long it took to do it.
You captions you put with each picture were perfect. You are a very good story teller. Loved all of it.

Sarah said...

Thats awesome!!! Your pics are fab! Too bad her room is not tidy!!! I love her peeking around the door and standing by the tree!
Thank you for taking her photos!

Rita said...

GOODNESS that room is amazing!! And what a cutie patootie little Anna is -- she is a brilliant tour guide! :) (and your photos are WONDERFUL!)