Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Want This!

I love books.
My idea of a good time is to spend hours at Barnes & Noble.
However, while shopping at Amazon tonight I stumbled across
the coolest new gadget that would solve the problem
of my sagging bookshelves.
Saving my pennies for the Kindle.
Can you imagine the trees this would save?
Not to mention the need for one less carry-on for reading material
when traveling?
And there's also the elimination of searching for where you left off,
since this has an automatic bookmark.

On the other hand,
I love the colors of the books lining my shelves.
I love to highlight passages to refer back to.
I love to share my latest favorite book with a friend.
I love walking out of B&N with a heavy (recycled) tote bag full of new books.

Maybe I'll save my pennies for a new lens instead.

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