Monday, September 18, 2006

and some more of the wedding....

When Lindsay was little
her favorite color was
"polka dots".
Looks like she got the
cake she dreamed of when
she was a little girl.
Peyton hopes it's chocolate.
That's his favorite.
Did I mention that Lindsay
was the "hairdresser" for
most of us on her wedding day.
What a control freak!
Wonder where that comes from?
And sweet Molly,
she has been there for Lindsay
since first grade.
She went above and beyond
her maid of honor duties.
Thanks, Molly!
Here's Jeff, giving a touching toast
to all the guests.
For someone who doesn't care much
for parties, he sure had a good time
at this one.

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Christi said...

gorgeous photos, Pam! LOVE that much fun! smiles...