Saturday, October 21, 2006

"to do"

Saturday's "to do" list:
Pick up Peyton and Chloe from Lindsay's 8:30am
Pick up special order bags (first Christmas purchase!) 9:15am
Pick up Glen's shotgun from repair shop - opens at 11:00am
Go back home to get gun case so I could pick up gun
Take kids to pumpkin farm 11:30am
Meet Glen at gunshop with receipt 12:30pm
Go to produce stand to buy pumpkins (because we ran out of
time at the pumpkin farm so we could meet Glen)
Go back home to pack picnic lunch 1:00pm
Visit sick friend 1:30pm
Take kids to park for picnic 2:30pm
Stop by bbq fundraiser to visit uncle 4L00pm
Take kids home 4:30pm
Pick up gift certificate at Bass Pro shop for birthday party tonight
Shop for new outfit for birthday party tonight
Get ready for birthday party 6:30pm
Birthday party 7:00pm

And that, folks, was my day off.

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