Thursday, January 25, 2007

The stuff reality shows are made of

I promised that I wouldn't
put any of "the dress"
on this blog - keeping with
the tradition that the groom
cannot see it before the
However.......I couldn't resist
sharing this shot when I looked
closely and spotted the
"bridezilla" in the background.
She was mad that she tried
"the dress" on first and wanted
it back. I think she was
secretly seething that she
didn't look as good in it.
I told her I thought she
was lovely in the one she
was wearing.
It only brought a snear from her.
Will be staying tuned to that famous show.
I'm thinking she might be a good candidate.
the frames I've been using are from
Barb Uli's Itty Bitty Actions.

1 comment:

Gayla said...

tee hee...your true colors are showing! Love it!