Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wedding - A funny tale

The old pro......this is his third time in a tux. Isn't this a picture that makes you say "Awww"?
We were both all thumbs. He wore his coat of arms and a lapel pin from each of his grandfathers. They would have been busting their buttons over this boy. A very calm bride, with Amy and Chloe, at the rehersal dinner.

That dinner turned out to be the calm before the storm.

I swear, I was waiting for the candid camera people to pop out after the wedding ceremony.
To begin we were all late due to a traffic accident on the way to the church.
On the other side of the river, the florist was in stand-still traffic while a three-foot pothole was being repaired, basically shutting down the highway for 18 miles. We had to have the State Highway Patrol get her through. Needless to say, it was a horrible experience for her (she has stated that this will be her LAST wedding) and I didn't think we'd ever calm her down once she got there. So the wedding was only delayed by five or ten minutes. No big deal.
That was nothing.
The groom had to be given a glass of milk to avoid a drop in his sugar level, which makes him drop to the floor.
The bride had to wear a borrowed slip so her unmentionables wouldn't show through.
It really didn't matter. She was absolutely stunning! She looked so beautiful that I knew she'd take my son's breath away the moment he saw her.
The grandmas left "fairy dust" all over the church and everyone that they hugged, from the glitter on their fancy dresses. (They were a couple of knock-outs! Wait til you see the pics!)
Peyton was horsing around with the groomsmen before the ceremony and broke his hand. After a brief discussion as to an er visit being delayed until after the ceremony and wiping away the tears he bravely walked down the aisle with an ice bag under the ring pillow.
Amy's bridesmaid skirt was too big after her dieting apparently worked. The only safety pin in the place was the one holding my cleavage together. So the choice was either Amy's underwear top showing or my cleavage. Guess who won that one?
Lindsay had five fractured ribs and was having trouble breathing.

That was all BEFORE the ceremony.

Glen and I finally got down the aisle, sat in our seats, and watched as Tommy began to pull the ailse runner down. S T U C K. It wouldn't unroll. After a look of plea sent to Uncle Glen he got up to help Tommy shake the ailse runner all the way down.

I guess all of this was the answer to my prayers that I wouldn't make a fool of myself by crying throughout the ceremony. Actually, Glen and I couldn't stop giggling over the insanity of it all.
God does work in mysterious ways.

The bride and groom got over their case of nerves once they were able to hold hands at the alter. The ceremony turned out to be very beautiful (fabulous pastor). Abby's aunt played the piano absolutely lovely. As for the flowers? I will never be able to look at a hot pink gerbra daisy again without laughing.

Joey and Abby - if you are reading this now I hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon. We miss you both!
love, mom


Anonymous said...

Oh Pam!!! I am laughing until I'm crying! What a great time!
Can't wait to see more pictures?
Is P's hand okay? Lindsey's ribs??


Anonymous said...

The wedding couldn't have gone off without your dad having put his 2 cents in. He even tried to embarrass your mom with her dress riding up the back.
Remember Sarah's wedding when Tim responded to the question, Who gives this woman away and he responded, My mother and I do. I still remember the looks on everyones faces and the delayed reaction from everyone. Did he say what I think he said? Beautiful Chloe had a wonderful time dancing the night away.

Christi Snow said...

loved reading all of this, Pam. sounds like a wedding that no one will forget... smiles!

Anonymous said...

oh Pam... I'm sorry but I had such a laugh. It will make the best wedding story ever to be told for years to come. Can't wait to see the pictures. Hope your crew and all their broken bones are on the mend now.

PS. I will be saving my money in hopes I can pay the girls to all elope!