Monday, March 23, 2009

The Little Prince

Twenty five years ago today Little Prince Joseph was born.
The celebration was heard throughout the land. The birds were
singing, flowers came out of their hibernation to bloom,
and the emerald green once again covered the ground.
The two older Princesses doted on the baby prince,
giving him hugs all day long.
A few years passed and the little Prince had become
a curious little boy. He wondered what would happen
if he cut the hair off of a doll.
He wondered what would happen if he hammered
the King's socket set into the dirt.
He wondered what would happen if he rode his bike
while wearing roller skates.
He wondered what would happen if he .......
well, you get the picture.
All of that curiosity seems to have paid off.
He wondered what would happen if he went off to college
and studied hard. He found out that hard work paid off.
He wondered what would happen if he asked the
lovely Abby to marry him.
He found out that he made the right choice.
She made a delicious birthday dinner for all of his
local kingdom this evening. Mmmmm, good!
The King and Queen are very pleased with how
their Little Prince Joseph turned out.
He knows right from wrong,
is fair to others,
works hard,
and knows that love and family
are the real treasures of the kingdom.
See? He's letting the little subjects help him
blow out the candles on his celebration cake.
The little subjects adore him.
They were so excited to present him with
this gigantic bobber floating cooler
(for his Cheer Wine Soda, of course)
so he could stay in the pool all day
without getting thirsty.

The littlest subject was eager to taste the
traditional chocolate cake that Prince Joseph
is so fond of.

Hip hip hooray!
Long live Prince Joseph
and his special chocolate
celebration cake!

Happy Birthday, Joey!
We love you.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, that picture of Presley is just darling. She is so pretty. Looks like she is starting to cut some bottom teeth.