Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Postman Rang Twice

Chloe loves to get packages in the mail.
Today she hit the jackpot.
Not one, but TWO packages
came addressed to her.

The content had been anticipated.
Flat Petunia was returning from her
visit to JoLynn way across the
other side of the state.
JoLynn and Flat Petunia had some
wonderful adventures,
including a trip through two other states.

She traveled all over, learning about
things that were made in Kansas City,
gathering chocolates from their factories,
visiting a Presidential library,
working in the Pembrook Hill School bookstore,
taking a trip to Crown Center,
seeing the beautiful fountains,
going to a minor league stadium,
checking out the best barbecue spots in town,
and visiting some very fancy shops and lunch spots.
She even got stranded in a snow storm in
Iowa with JoLynn and her other friend, Loydene!
She was exhausted when she returned home.

I wonder, if I lay under a steam roller,
would I flatten out enough to be mailed
in an envelope?

Thanks so much, dear JoLynn,
for making this a wonderful and educational
experience for my little girlfriend.
You're the best!

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