Friday, February 24, 2006

A Place for Everything

Can you guess what these items have in common? Give up?

They all live in my JUNK DRAWER. Or rather, my old junk drawer. I had to go to the cabinet makers today to have a new drawer made. The one being replaced grew old and weary of bearing the heavy load and constant opening and closing several times a day.

"Where is the ______?"

"It's in the Junk Drawer."


"Do you have a AA battery/screwdriver/glue stick/deck of cards/nail file/extra chap stick/roll of hockey tape/pair of scissors/magnifying glass/bottle of wood glue/package of plant food sticks/needle & thread/tool to crank the frozen garbage disposal/plastic golf ball/red paint pen/take out menu/bag of colored pencils/walkie talkie/sunblock stick/cell phone that doesn't work?"

"It's in the Junk Drawer."

Looking at all these items spread out on the counter, I wondered what I should really keep, and if I could transfer anything to a more appropriate place. Where should the batteries be kept? If I put the screwdrivers & wood glue in the toolbox I'd have to go all the way in the garage to get them and the glue would probably freeze. Someday I might find the mate to the walkie talkie and then where would I have put the other one?

So, for now, I've put all these items in a large box lid. That will be "their place" until the new drawer is installed. Then everything will be back as it should be.

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Sonny Shine said...

What? Only one junk drawer? My mom keeps a whole cabnit or two full of stuff we need only once a year.