Sunday, February 19, 2006


" Never underestimate the Power of a parent's prayer, " I say.

My kids surprised me this morning by traveling miles out of their way to meet me at my special church. My healing church. The church I prayed and worshiped at when I had special needs for one of my kids. You see, it sits directly across from the hospital where, at various times, my young children were hospitalized for not real serious things, but enough to be there. Maybe it's the Irish in me, maybe it's the mamma instinct in me, but my prayers asking for healing the illnesses of my children seem to work better in this building. In fact, at the age of five years old I was a flower girl in a wedding here. I fainted during the ceremony because I didn't eat breakfast and it was so hot. Twenty years later I found myself here for a second time praying for my five year old daughter to recover from pneumonia. Peyton was a ringbearer (at five years old) in this church last year. I feel a connection to this place. I feel peace in this church.
Well, it's not really the one in the photo above, but another older, traditional one like it. I'm all for tradition in church. The kid's like the contemporary stuff. Nothing wrong with that, but it's nice to know they think enough of their mamma to indulge me every now and then. Today was one of those days and I am still happy in my heart from having sat in a pew full of my family this morning.
Anyway, this particular church in the photo above is steeped in tradition in my husband's family. The oldest living relative, Aunt Sophie, who will be 102 years old this year, was the first child baptised here. Ever. I took this shot at a family reunion we had there not long ago. I really like this photo and it is displayed in our home.
It seemed appropriate to use it for my postcard this evening.
Thank you, L & J, for making your mamma so happy in her heart today.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing...the picture and the post are GREAT!
And as a parent..I believe in the power of a parent's prayer, too!

Lindsay said...

You know I just found out what a blog is.. I guess I will have to get a digital camera. But going through all of your pictures, you really put a lot into this. I have just been looking through all of your pictures and laughing, and mad because you picked alot of bad pictures of me. Which reminds me, do you still have that "lazy eye" picture. But this one made me cry, I never realized going to church with you meant so much. You are such a great mother, grandmother, and friend I am so lucky to have you. I Love You Mom!