Friday, June 16, 2006

Birthday Day

Seven is my lucky number. Seven years ago today I became a grandma. It was, and still is, my very favorite gig so far. The past seven years have passed by so quickly, but they have been rich. I look forward to many more celebrations with this special little guy. Happy birthday, P. Your grandma Pam loves you very, very much.
ps - do you see how creative he was when I told him to hold up seven fingers? I tell you, he's a genius!


Gayla said...

Oh, Happy Birthday to your little buddy. He and Chels are almost B-Day twinkies. Such cute pics. Gee, you make me wish I hadn't started having kids so late. You're younger than me and you've had little friends to photogragh for 7 whole years. Not fair!

Julia said...

How cute is he! So so sweet and the 7 fingers!