Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweet Summer

Yesterday as I was pulling the load of beach towels out of the dryer I noticed that some of them were getting thin and frayed along the edges. Note to self: buy some new towels. As I began folding them I remembered where they came from. The blue one with the surfer came from Clearwater Beach the year we took my mom & dad to Florida with us. That was a wonderful vacation. The orange one was purchased in the resort gift shop at Kentucky Lake the year we forgot to pack underwear for Joey. That was a wonderful vacation. The white Polo towel was purchased on one of our many trips to Osage Beach. Those were wonderful times. The orange and pink ones were in the girls Easter baskets one year for our upcoming trip to Sandestin. I got to sit back and watch my babies play in the sand with their own babies. Warm, fuzzy feeling overtaking me by now. The Toy Story was my little buddie's first beach towel, the year his swim trunks reached his chubby little ankles. The Barbie towel belongs to my little girlfriend. She needed a pink one to match her swim suit last year. And then there is the red towel. I've never had a red swim suit, but you know I just had to have that red towel the year we went to Myrtle Beach. I remember how easy it was to spot my family on the beach with that red towel spread out in the sand. That was a wonderful vacation.
I think I will cross "new beach towels" off my shopping list. We are just fine with the ones we've got. They are full of many sweet summers.


Gayla said...

Ah, isn't it funny what things can actually trigger such sweet memories. No memories in my beach towels I'm afraid. They just seem to disappear and have to be replaced yearly.

Christi Snow said...

Love this sweet! YOu have to do a layout of this photo!!!

Tammy Jackson said...

Wonderful, sweet post Pam! Can't wait to see the layout.