Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Overkill Part Deux

I must say I love my Red Boots shot, but I guess it is getting old.


Peyton turned EIGHT this summer. Can you believe it? His mom says "Eight came with an attitude" LOL!

The doggy shot is funny. That day I took Peyton and Chloe to Build A Bear, where they came out like little bandits. Not only did they each build a dog, the dogs had to have a baby pup, leashes, dog bowls w/place mats, grooming kits and fur-lined beds. My Ma Re dvd arrived in the mail that day, so I popped it in and was watching while the kids were playing with their booty of the day. Next thing I know, Peyton asks me if he can get my camera. He was paying attention to the dvd and started shooting away. Too funny! He even sat with his knee propped up to use as a tripod because, like his grandma, he doesn't care for flash in low light.

ABBY - you cannot read this part ------ PROMISE ME YOU WILL STOP HERE!

Okay, now that she's gone......Chloe and I were up until ONE A.M. (she's on cycle break) washing all the pink and green Luray dishes that I had, and some that I had to go borrow from my pal, Sandy (we've both been collecting these vintage dishes for years until Martha Stewart had them in her mag - they are now hard to find and the price soared). As I was watching Chloe with bubbles to her elbows, I remembered what Ma Re said "capture the moment" and I grabbed my camera for this shot. I will print it for her and write the story about how we stayed up late one night washing those dishes for Abby's bridal shower, laughing and telling stories. Someday maybe she will be washing those dishes for a special celebration of her own and remember this night.

Me and my #1 Stephanie's wedding. Which one of my kids took this I don't know, but none of them were in any shape that night to be holding my camera. The culprit won't confess. Regardless, just wanted those who care know that I'm here and I truly am blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that actually look at all this nonsense.

love to you



Anonymous said...

YEAH! New pictures. I bet Mr. Peyton is getting an attitude, he is a very sharp little boy, very smart. Love him dearly.

Anonymous said...

It isn't that we didn't love the red boots shot as well -- we just love everything else too!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Gee, I'd almost stopped checking your blog...glad I made it over here tonight. Love seeing your pictures and getting an update on your busy life.