Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As promised......introducing baby Jack

Just look at the precious little bundle of blue that I got to meet today.

Baby Jack.

Eight days old.

See how content and peaceful he looks?

And why not? Not only was his proud mamma snuggling with him,

but his Uma had been there to babysit.

What a special treat. He even played fireman with her.

(sorry, Uma - couldn't resist that one).

See - he's still smiling about the little trick he pulled on Uma.

She doesn't care.

She loves her little Jack.

Molly thought it was pretty funny too.

She is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside.

I don't say that about too many people either.

All of her sisters are that way too.

Because they were raised by Uma.

Lucky girls.

Lucky baby Jack.

It was my pleasure to meet you today.

Hannah and Emma - you sure have a cute little cousin!

Hannah, Presley, and Emma


Mary said...

Awww, Sweet picturesm and sweet comments! Uma is still laughing over the fireman incident!
We love baby Jack! And Emma looks like she is going in to take a bite out of Presley in that picture!

molly said...

Thank you for the visit and precious story! Jack liked playing fireman a little too much, good thing our sofa is leather is al I have to say... :O)