Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Blessings

We started this Easter Sunday going to Mass at Lindsay's church.

It's nice, sitting with family in church. Old friends, too.

I felt refreshed, at peace, and very happy sitting through the service this morning.

Maybe that is why Easter is in the Springtime. A time of freshness and newness.

Other than that, we threw tradition to the wind.

First there were the Easter outfits. When I bought the black & white tiny-checked matching clothes for my three little pals, my mother didn't think they looked like "Easter outfits".
See below as to what qualifies in my mother's mind. My sister and I with my dad.

Fast forward a couple of decades.........

No hats, no gloves, no necktie or jacket, ummmm, no shoes? And did we forget to brush someone's hair?

In all honesty, they were quite presentable in church. Shoes, socks, hair combed nicely, white sweaters, all the necessities for not looking like a hoozsh on this special day.

But after the great egg hunt, anything goes.

I just wanted to get some sweet pics of my pals. Who cares about the other stuff anyway?

The little one was having a great time rolling in the green grass, grabbing the colored plastic things.

After we finished up we all sat down for a feast of TJ's pizza, Olive Garden salad with breadsticks, orange soda and Sprinkles cupcakes with peeps on top for dessert.
How's that for a non-traditional Easter meal?
(In my defense, the whole family has been sick with sore throats, earaches, flu, etc....this whole past week. Grocery stores and menus were the last thing I wanted to think about.)

Hope everyone had a joyful and blessed Easter.
I certainly did.

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Loydene said...

"Non-traditional" is just "new traditions"!