Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Morning, Mary

I did this one for my friend, Mary L., who told me she checks my blog every morning.
How flattering. What pressure! I'll try to do a better job updating.
I hope you enjoy today's post.

Let's begin with the effervescent Emma.
She is so cute and full of energy.
It was fun watching her enjoy herself last Sunday at her Uma & Papa's.
I wonder if anyone had fun watching me enjoy myself.
Because I did. Enjoy myself. Thoroughly.
Oops! These popped up right in the middle.
They are posted for Dan.
He took us to look for the giant swan at the other lake,
and we found this little family.
Doesn't it look like a typical family?
The mamma is telling the daddy that
he better stop and ask for directions before
they end up swimming to the wrong end of the lake.
Anyway, that's what it looks like to me when I look at the photos here.

Ah, back to the party.
Wouldn't you just love to have this out your back door?
Happy Hanna is a real pro at casting.
She's got it down!
Isn't she a cutie? And you should have seen the killer boots she had on earlier!
She is a kind of girl!
She takes her fishing very seriously.
Here's one that makes me smile!
I wish that Molly and her little chick would have been out here,
but he was busy being baby-hogged by everyone and his mamma
kept watch over him.
So we have Gina, Mary, Bridget, Hanna, Maggie, Angie, and Chloe.
Peyton was back by me doing his magic tricks to get the girls to smile.
Our hostess and host.
My very dear friends.
Thank you for a wonderful time.(edited to a photo of our favorite place)
Love your warm hospitality, your family, and your beautiful home.


Anonymous said...

Good morning to you also!!! Love the pics!

Colleen said...

Omg! Whats up with that horrible picture. Could you erase at least one of my extra chins please. So glad you enjoyed the day. We did too. Next time bring the whole family!!

Pam said...

I liked that photo of you two, but changed it out as requested.
This one should make you smile.

Anonymous said...

Haha! You make me laugh editing your published photos. Great shots, I love the one with everyone on the dock, it looks like you color coordinated their outfits!

PS I check your blog daily as well!