Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hump day

Before the weekend arrives with a full schedule of events,
I wanted to catch up on the last couple of weeks.
My buddy, Peyton, broke his foot.
Did that heavy plaster cast and shoe boot slow him down?
Not for a second! He was a real trooper,
even showed me that he could still climb a tree.

I am happy to report that all bones are healed
and no more were broken in the process.

On to my niece.
This is Sara Liz, the one who made me an aunt
for the very first time. I have a special nickname for her
and a special place in my heart for her also.
She recently graduated from college,
going through school while her husband was in Iraq,
as she lived far away from any family at a base in Georgia.
She completed her first degree there,
came home, continued her education through her
pregnancy (young Tim had come back home),
had her baby (Sweet Baby Grace) over Thanksgiving break,
and graduated with a teaching degree
(while remaining on the Dean's List all four years).
Summa cum Laude.
I am very proud of her.Fate landed me a seat even with her row.
I made her pull out her "ropes" for this shot.
It's official.
See? She has the diploma in her hand.

She plans on teaching in the inner city.

It will be a lucky group of children who have her for a teacher.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunt Pam for those nice words! The pictures turned out really good. Much better than the proofs they sent me, lol! See you on Sunday! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a girl to be proud of, amazing what she has gone through and how she was able to handle it all.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Sara! Congratulation on a job well done and with such style and grace. Just in case you didn't know, your Aunt Pam loves to brag and keep us up to date.

Beautiful pics pal!