Friday, June 12, 2009


Last Sunday was a special day for our family.
We celebrated Glen's birthday
and Presley's baptism.
I turned Peyton loose in church with my camera.... an interesting perspective of things.
Godfather Joey, Presley, Jeff, Lindsay, and Godmother Katie.

I think she has that "control issue" gene in her.
She didn't like being on her back, and wanted to see
where that water was coming from.

Maybe if she pulled her mommy's dress down far enough
she could twist herself around.
Isn't she pretty in Chloe's baptismal gown?

Here's the whole clan who came to celebrate with us.

Gary, Lindsay, Presley, Jeff, Jade, Nicki, Rick, Sharon, Amy, Sara, Abby,
Gram, Joe, Grandma, Tim, Katie, Aaron, Linda, Steve, me, Glen, Grace, Cindy,
Peyton and Chloe.............whew!

Looking at this photo, I know how blessed we all are.

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