Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Special Auntie

When I saw this mannequin all dressed up, beckoning customers into a small boutique, I stopped dead in my tracks. A serious, dead stop.Not only did she make me all happy inside just by looking at her,
she reminded me of someone.
Someone who loved me unconditionally.
Someone who thought I was something special.
Someone who giggled at the silly pranks I played
(after first acting like she was upset with me)
Someone who had an infectious laugh.
Someone who taught everyone around her right from wrong.
Someone who would send beautiful works of hand-drawn art on postcards to me in the hospital
every time I had a baby.
Someone who didn't judge others.
Someone who encouraged you to be yourself.

It didn't take long to recall who that happy, pretty lady reminded me of.
I miss her very much, but if I listen closely I can still hear her infectious giggle.

I hope that I am a special aunt to my nieces and nephews
as I remember my Aunt Kate was to me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Of course you are a special Aunt! I have tons and tons of childhood memories and most of them involve you! Thanks for being a great Aunt! See you tomorrow!

Sara Liz