Sunday, September 13, 2009

Going Green

On my Top Ten List of things I like to do, one of them is spending the day at the Botanical Gardens. We have a beautiful garden in my city and it is a never ending source of pleasure and wonder for the senses. Last week I spent the entire day wondering through the gardens until they were kicking us out at closing time. I even discovered two gardens that I have previously not seen. As an added bonus for myself, two good friends were my garden buddies for the day. One of them a Master Gardner. That really put a new twist on all the flora - actually learning the names and not just trying to describe to my local nursery "the pretty green plants with leaves that are sort of small, rounded with a point, and tiny purple - or was it yellow - flowers in either the spring or fall". Now I am armed with a little notebook with the species name and gender. The other bonus was having a buddy along who would sneak off with me to smoke. It was the perfect day. I am going to schedule more of these on my calendar. We need them.

And what's a trip without yet another shot of the gorgeous Chihuly chandelier? Here's the latest and I love it still. That piece of art always takes my breath away.

Last night we attended a trivia night fundraiser for a family member who is battling cancer.
He is 21 years old. I am happy to report that his mamma found him treatment in another state that seems to be working. We were so very thankful to have heard that wonderful news.
The event also raised several thousand dollars to help defray some of the expenses. It just goes to show that miracles DO happen and that there is nothing stronger than family pulling together to help one another. It warmed my heart to witness such happenings.
D, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

BTW - for the inquiring minds who wondered about my search parameters when I found the amazing boots, in my defense I did find these draperies on that same site first. See Exhibit A below.

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