Sunday, October 07, 2007

Give a girl some glitter..........

Who is the Fairiest seven year old of them all? This little miss celebrated her birthday in style with the help of her fairy godmothers - mom, g.aunt cindy, aunt linz, aunt abby and of course the grandma pam fairy. There were so many sparkles and so much glitter that I was even brushing it out of the dog. Jeff was a real hit with his buddies at the weekly football watch today when he came walking in with leftover glitter all over his legs from what was lingering in his car. :)
Several of her little girlfriends came to the celebration. Under the fairy canopy they made fairy crowns, fairy wands, (if you think you have enough glitter for 12 little girls let me tell you right now to double the amount!), hunted for the hidden birthday fairies in the garden and played fairy limbo. Of course the fairy stuffed a pinata full of goodies and more fairy dust. Peyton was there covering security. He kept a head count of all the little fairies (wink)
Amy made sure that all the little girls had a pretty ribbon on their magic wands
Don't you just wish you could be seven, barefoot, and carefree?
October is a big birthday month in our family. On Monday this handsome nephew of mine, who is genuinely sweet, smart, and an all around great kid, will be turning 18. Hard to believe all these little guys I used to tease and throw New Year's eve parties for are getting ready to go off to college next fall. I'd better enjoy this last little bit of time with them.........
Anyway, Happy 18th Birthday Aaron! xoxo from Auntie Pam

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