Monday, October 29, 2007


I am reading a book right now that says I should do "joyful" things.
Sunday morning I received a phone call from my oldest friend, I'm talking second grade, asking me if I'd meet her to help her out with her new camera.
Jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera and spent the entire late morning/early afternoon with her. I promised not to post the pics I shot of her - even though she's beautiful (inside and out) but ran across this shot of the raspberry iced tea I had purchased in a little coffee shop we stopped at. This spot is where we ended our day, chatting, laughing, and planning our next meeting - which needs to be sooner than later. This photo will now bring me joy as a reminder of the day I spent with my friend.
She had bought me a shirt at this lovely store we stopped in called "Life is Good". The shirt reads "Yesterday's history, Tomorrow's a mystery, Today is the day"
How appropriate.
N - thanks for putting joy in my Sunday.

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