Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy 31 Day

First of all - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Chloe was very excited this morning because she is going on a field trip with her first grade class to the pumpkin patch. Costumes are ready to go for tonight. Just have to go get some candy. A is looking happy these of the reasons is pictured above. :)

Yesterday I signed up to do Weight Watchers online. So far so good. Bad headache yesterday because I am CHOCOLATE deprived, but will get through. I'm getting the house ready today for mom's homecoming from a month long stay in the hospital following back surgery. I'm setting up the loft outside her bedroom here with a table and chairs for eating and scrapbooking.

We just redecorated her bedroom and I've added a couple more surprises for her that she hasn't seen yet. I'm so excited to be getting her home! We've missed her hanging around.

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Gayla said...

I love WW online. I've lost 30 lbs since last May on it and it's really so easy to do as long as you use the flex plan! I do not deprive myself of the things most important in life. Every single morning I treat myself to a nonfat no whip mocha from starbucks! It's 6 points and I consider it just a "big" breakfast!