Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stolen moments

I snagged Lindsay's cf card today and found some photos I thought I'd share.
Joey has been on me for not updating my blog.
Sorry......I don't know what I do with all my free time these days.

Here is Chloe at her friend's birthday party at My Girls.
What are these two laughing at? Do you still wonder where the baby gets those cheeks?

Presley was a pink poodle for her very first Halloween. She preferred the paci over the candy.

What a great big brother Peyton is. He adores his baby sister and she loves him too!

How can a girl be so lucky? Just when you think there's no room left in your heart to love another person unconditionally, along comes another grandbaby. And there's still room for more.
Until next time.....
have a Picture Perfect Day!

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Rita said...

Okay -- these pictures could not be any sweeter! Look at those happy adorable babies! And their sweet grandma too!

In case I don't stop by again soon -- have a wonderful Thanksgiving!