Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fun on the Farm

I received an email today about having "old-fashioned fun".
This isn't really old-fashioned, but it does not include video games.
The kids had so much fun that they didn't want to leave and are already
asking when we can go back.
Here's one of my favorites of the day, enchanced with this free overlay
from Holly
Little miss wondered if this was where popcorn came from.
Here's my big boy at the wheel of Jim's combine. I think he's ready to start looking for his own farm.

Here's how they dump the load.
This is Brenda's combine. She has the fancy one. :)
I rode with her.

Brenda showed them how the combine worked before we took off.
As you can see, Peyton and Mr. Jim are good buddies now.
And here's our pretty Abby - the connection that brought us our new group of folks.
Thanks, Abby.

Grandma and the sisters all made us a wonderful noon meal - including spiced candy apples!
That took me back to my childhood and dinner's at Romines with my mom and dad.
Thanks to all of our Pittsfield folks for your generous hospitality and a wonderful day!

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