Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's that time again!

For the second year, I will be working on a special journal/scrapbook.
I will be among many others in an online group working on the "JYC".
One more thing added to the stressful December list of things to-do?
It is my stress-release.
It is my time I will look forward to at the end of each hectic day.
It is a record that I can look back on and enjoy past memories.
It is a creative outlet.
It is a gift for myself and my family. It all begins on December 1st.
I can hardly wait.
If you'd like to see my 2007 JYC, you can view it here.


Guinevere said...

Love your last years journal - looking forward to this so much myself. See you on the boards

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the journey Pal! You're my super hero!