Monday, December 01, 2008

Dec 1st

Time to start making cookie dough. Actually, I wasn't that ambitious today.
I left the house at 8:30 this morning to drop Chloe off at school, then ran my nephew back to college in Columbia. Not planning on more than that I left the house this morning in yesterday's jeans, hair, layered mis-matched sweatshirts, red holiday socks and slippers (Ugg's, but still slippers). The outer hoodie was Glen's that I had intended to wash today, but it looked warm and cozy on the back of the kitchen chair, so I grabbed it for the long, cold ride. Who would see the dried mud on the left sleeve? If only I'd had a crystal ball.......
Last night my eye was very sore and bloodshot. This morning it wasn't doing much better so on the way back from Columbia I called my eye dr. They could squeeze me in, but the time would mean that I had to drive (quickly) straight there from where I was. Okay, so the shower would have to wait. My eye was more important than my vanity, right?
Made it just 2 minutes late for the eye dr., had the exam, he removed some glitter from my eye (don't ask), and gave me anti-biotic drops. Irritated, scratched and infection, but I wasn't going to lose my site. Good news. As I was leaving there, my mom reminded me of her heart dr. appt.
We just had enough time to get there. Once again, I walked into a physician's office that day looking like a homeless person WITH a swollen, red eye. But my mom's heart was still ticking, and that's what's important, right?
Finally, after dropping off our prescriptions, I got home at 4pm. I threw some chicken in the oven to roast and went straight to a nice warm bath.
All of this reminds me of why I don't like to camp.

Need to do my Day 1 of the JYC.
It is my gift to myself for the month of December.
A good friend of mine would like to turn "duty to delight" this season.
I would like to do that too.
I also plan to post here every day this month.
Cross one thing off the list! was YOUR 1st day of December?

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Loydene said...

Ahhh, Babe --- you published me! And, even knowing about your eye -- the rest of the story is what "makes" it! Glad to hear that you aren't losing your sight; that the heart is still ticking; AND that you got your bath!
Looking forward to your page!